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1 be a mystery or bewildering to; "This beats me!"; "Got me--I don't know the answer!"; "a vexing problem"; "This question really stuck me" [syn: perplex, vex, stick, get, puzzle, baffle, beat, pose, bewilder, flummox, stupefy, nonplus, gravel, amaze, dumbfound]
2 make mysterious; "mystify the story" [ant: demystify] [also: mystified]mystified See mystifymystified adj : totally perplexed and mixed up; "all this duncical nonsense has my brains metagrobolized"- Wall Street Journal [syn: metagrobolized, metagrobolised, metagrabolized, metagrabolised]

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  1. past of mystify


  1. puzzled or confused
  2. state of enchantment as concerns person or event

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addled, at a loss, at a nonplus, at a stand, at a standstill, at an impasse, baffled, bamboozled, beat, bewildered, buffaloed, confounded, dazed, floored, fuddled, in a dilemma, in suspense, licked, muddled, nonplussed, on tenterhooks, perplexed, puzzled, stuck, stumped, thrown
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